International Railway Industry Standard or IRIS Certification

What is International Railway Industry Standard or IRIS Certification?

The International Railway Industry Standard or IRIS Certification Rev 02 comprises of ISO 9001:2008 clauses embedded with additional requirements of railway standards such as First Article Inspection, Configuration Management, Change Management, Obsolescence management, Risk and Opportunity Management, Communication Management, Service Management in addition to the various ISO clauses.

The Importance and Advantages of IRIS Certification

The IRIS aims to develop and implement a international qualified system to evaluate companies related to the railway industry with globally accepted language, mutual assessment guidelines and uniform acceptance of audits, which will develop a great level of transparency throughout the supply chain.

Standards of IRIS Certification

  1. Workflow audit process
    • Request an Audit
    • Audit conducted
  2. Workflow process request audit information and unlock
    • Customer requests Audit details
    • Company unlocks Audit details
    • Audit details can be viewed by the Customer

Top Companies and Organizations with IRIS Certification

Private companies, contractors and government bodies related to railway are recommended to get the IRIS certification for larger connections and future company profit.

GQS IRIS Certification: Consultancy and Assistance

GQS consultants can help you with the complete IRIS Certification process from documentation, implementation, trainings, internal audits and right certification body.

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