Crop Production or ISO 22006:2009 Certification

What is ISO 22006:2009 Certification?

Crop Production or ISO 22006:2009 Certification includes seasonal crops (such as grains, pulses, oilseeds, spices, fruit and vegetables), row-planted crops that are cultivated, perennial crops that are managed over a period of time, and wild crops that are not formally planted or managed. Horticultural crops provide an even broader range of types from annual and perennial fruits, vegetables, and ornamental flowering plants to perennial shrubs and trees, and root crops. These diverse crops require a broad range of planting, cultivating, pest control, and harvesting methods and practices. Decisions regarding planting, growing, and harvesting activities can be similar, although specific steps can be quite different when considering the range of crops.

The Importance and Advantages of ISO 22006:2009 Certification

The green house project housing variety of ornamental , medicinal and aromatic plants was setup by an entrepreneur in 2000 and eversince the certification was done in the year 2012 they have received enormous enquiries from various exporters and manufacturers.

A 11 acre land was certified for ISO 22006 by a leading certification body. Although the standard is a guideline, the management system helped the farm in improving their farm based green house project. Since there are few resources, GQS made it a point to have a lean documentation system which helped the owner to stream line and bring in lot of changes in the entire farming process.

Standards of ISO 22006:2009 Certification

  • Terms and abbreviations used
  • Quality management system and documentation
  • Management responsibility, commitment, customer satisfaction, quality, planning, respoinsibility and review
  • Resources management
  • Production
  • Analysis
  • Improvement and maintenance

GQS ISO 22006:2009 Certification: Consultancy and Assistance

GQS consultants can help you with the complete ISO 22006:2009 Certification process from documentation, implementation, trainings, internal audits and right certification body.

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