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What is Responsible Recycling or R2 Certification?

Most companies nowadays manufacture without thinking of the environment. This leads to the creation of different ISO certification which includes responsible recycling or R2 Certification. This is given to those organization who has the capacity to turn waste into something useful.

The Importance and Advantages of R2 Certification

The certification can be acquired when you accomplish different stages. It will also help you learn the proper way and other techniques on responsible recycling. With this, the companies can increase its profit by reducing costs as employees are trained to re-use everything like papers, folders, plastic bottles, cans and so on.

Standards of R2 Certification

The key practice points of the R2 standard are

  • Implement a EHS Management system
  • Create a strategy for the Reuse, Recover and Dispose policy
  • Identify relevant legal requirements
  • Conduct a EHS risk assessment
  • Identify the Focus materials (Poly chlorinated Biphenyl and Poly Brominated Di Phenyl Ether)
  • Identify the reusable materials
  • Implement a tracking system
  • Demonstrate a Data Destruction system
  • Implement a Storage system
  • Demonstrate a Facility security
  • Insurance, Closure plan and Financial Responsibility
  • Transport system

Top Companies and Organizations with R2 Certification

Wastes generated and recycled at any plants in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Goa, and any parts of Kerala, Jharkhand, Gujarat, Haryana, NCR may apply for R2 Responsible recycling certification.

GQS R2 Certification: Consultancy and Assistance

GQS consultants can help you with the complete R2 Certification process from documentation, implementation, trainings, internal audits and right certification body.

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