Quantitative Research

Quantitative Research

we can interview a wide range of consumer and business audiences through quantitative market research data.
Our Expertise:
Business to Business
Business to Consumer
Health Care

Business to Business Data Collection Services

More Than 211K+ B2B Panelist Globally
Market Opinion Worldwide is well known for its excellence in B2B research and market intelligence. Business-to-business samples are very difficult to target because of low IR, tough respondents profiles and tight timeline. Spade Survey has built B2B panel which will help you in data collection on different topics, we have partners also who help us while sampling respondents . Our experts have several years of Business to Business research experience, delivering hundreds of research projects worldwide. We’ve partnered with large Business to Business enterprises, Start-ups, including:

Business to Consumer Data Collection Services

More Than 353K+ B2C Panelist Globally
Our consumer panels deliver a representative sample of each country's population, with extensive geographical, socio-economic and product/service preference profiling.
we understand consumers and their behaviors and particularly how to reach and research them. Our B2C market research services deliver valuable insight and intelligence that help companies to optimize their business.
However, our most successful method of attracting new members is through our current panel membership. We actively reward members for introducing new people and manage a dedicated program to this effect. We also incentivize with cash, not just points. Over 800+ new consumers and businesses register with us each month.

Market Opinion ensures the highest quality B2C research solution :


Healthcare Data Collection Services

More Than 108K+ Healthcare Panelist Globally
Market Opinion worldwide is the best market research company that is providing end to end services in primary data collection and ensuring delivery of premium service to our clients.
We regularly work with physicians and other HCPs on different disease specific studies. We recruit a global range of healthcare experts for participating in surveys such as general practitioners, cardiologists, neurologists, nurses, veterinarians and healthcare administrators.
We have successfully conducted healthcare market research projects in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asian Countries. However, having wide pool of 50+ trusted partners, with the help of them we can provide extensive reach in Latin America, South Africa and in Middle East.

Highest quality Healthcare research solution

The process of data collection is performed utilizing the internet based on the data of different consumers and organizations. The primary data collection is the process in which the data is collected through field survey. This is considered as the actual data which is gathered by the market researchers.
The primary collection of data is the service that assists organizations in extracting information from the base or grass root level. There are many ways to collect data for different companies.