Why dispose laptops or desktops with GQS ?

E-waste management aims to recover and process electronic waste so that it can be recycled or refurbished. Electronic recycling, on the other hand, can be difficult, especially because these gadgets are complex and made of various quantities of glass, metals, and plastics. The procedure for recycling or refurbishing electronics varies depending on the type of electronics.

Global Quality Services is an e-waste management and disposal company. Environmental protection is a priority in our e-waste recycling process. It also aims to prioritize proper e-waste treatment, processing, and management of ecologically harmful substances.

E-waste from electronic devices such as laptops and desktop computers contains toxins and toxic compounds that can harm the environment. Chemicals have the potential to harm the environment in which we live. As a result, they have the potential to kill living organisms, including humans. Mother Nature can benefit from your old laptops and PCs being recycled. If you don’t recycle, you risk accumulating unwanted objects that are damaging to the environment. Recycling your old laptop and desktop, on the other hand, can help protect the environment from the poisons contained in your gadgets.

One of the places that will be impacted if computer recycling is not done is the water supply. Contamination is extremely common in water. Humans may then develop major ailments as a result of it.

Here’s why you should use global quality services to dispose of laptops, phones, and batteries:-

Every 12 to 18 months, the majority of the population receives new technological devices. Old, broken, or obsolete gadgets either accumulate at home or at work or, if improperly disposed of, end up in landfills.

Global Quality Services is committed to assisting in the proper disposal of electronic trash, also known as e-waste, without causing harm to the environment. Did you know It is also profitable to you, as you properly dispose of e-waste ? We accept your electrical items in any condition and provide excellent value in return.

Our experts at the collecting centres determine the exact value of your item, and you are paid immediately in cash. Global Quality Services also provides online appraisals for specific objects. You can find out what your product’s approximate value is. We also offer pick-up and drop-off services for your electronic trash. Our auditors will inspect and analyze the value, and you will be paid immediately in cash.

How Global quality services handle the e-waste management procedure?

Collection – E-waste is collected from a variety of sources, including businesses, organizations, and people.

Dismantling – All of the components and elements in the e-waste are disintegrated to determine which can be reused and which must be discarded.

Data sanitization – This is the process of making data unusable or totally erasing it such that it cannot be recovered in any way.

Recycling – Here is the thorough separation of parts and materials for reuse in the manufacture of new electrical devices.

Refurbishing – This is the process of replacing parts and extending the life of other electronic equipment by reusing functional, high-quality products.

To ensure that e-waste is treated with care, Global Quality services follow strict processes:-

  1. Collection and Transportation of e-Waste
  2. If necessary, sorting and shredding
  3. Organizing materials and components into core materials and components
  4. Separation of dust and magnetic separation
  5. Getting ready to sell the recycled materials

Why Global Quality Services is so concerned about e-waste management?

Handling e-waste is critical, not only for security reasons but also for environmental reasons. If not correctly treated, e-waste may end up causing more harm than it did during its lifetime. We’re concerned about sensitive data stored on electronic equipment by businesses. We are concerned about end-of-life equipment that could be repurposed to extend the life of a different product. We’re concerned when usable devices end up in landfills, posing a risk to the environment. By recycling and restoring electrical products, we contribute to a better world.

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